Computer Numeric Control (CNC) systems from Hypertherm are delivered worldwide with cutting expertise built in, providing consistent product performance with easy-to-use software that empowers the operator to make the optimal cut, every time.  Whether your application calls for plasma, oxyfuel, bevel or laser cutting, repeatability 24/7 is the standard.

Features and benefits

  • All CNCs utilize our proprietary, industry-leading Phoenix® software for consistent operational experience and are configurable to support each specific customer need.

Typical applications

  • Designed to accommodate a broad range of applications, such as plasma (including cutting, marking, bevel, pipe/tube), oxyfuel (including bevel), and waterjet.


EDGE Connect CNC

EDGEConnect CNC has 2 configurations

EDGE® Connect, Hypertherm’s newest Computer Numeric Control (CNC) platform, delivers unmatched reliability, powerful embedded capabilities, and a high level of customizability. Based on our proprietary, industry-leading Phoenix® CNC platform, the system offers new, advanced software features – including ProNest® CNC automatic nesting and SureCut™ technology – along with enhanced hardware.